VBSPU Migration Form 2013 | Purvanchal Universtiy Migration Form 2013

Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University Migration Form 2013

Click this link and Download VBSPU Migration Form 2013

Download Purvanchal University Migration Form 2013

Focusing on the quality of all the dimensions of higher education system the university aims at;

  • Providing need based education relevant to the dynamic socio-economic environment.
  • Activities related to teaching, research and extension for the development of this developing and rural region of eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  • Encouraging the informal and continuous dialogue among the teachers, students and other user groups for generating greater effectiveness in our services.
  • Adopting the philosophy of âmmon-Goodând making it the principal guiding factor in our mission.

Additional Objectives – We plan to

  • Be one of the largest centre of professional education by strengthening in-campus teaching and research.
  • Be one of most quality focused universities.
  • Develop state-of-art infrastructural support facilities for quality teaching and research.
  • Establish strong linkages with the community and organizations in surrounding areas.
  • Initiate International Partnerships

Teaching Quality: Some Measures

  • Benchmarking with Premier Institutions of respective subject-areas like IITs, IIMs, etc.
  • Introduction of Self-Appraisal, Peer Appraisal and StudentâAppraisal
  • Frequent Open-House Surprise Sessions With the Students
  • Every-Class Room with Feed-Back Box
  • Linking the TeacherâCareer Progression directly with Teaching Output

Download Purvanchal University Migration Form 2013

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